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AIMS Accountants for Business have been working in the SME community for over 25 years and our success is based on our clear focus on our clients, our successful systems and on our accountants. We operate a unique non-corporate operating structure and we are not bogged down by red tape either which means we can offer our clients benefits when we want to and at a price beneficial to them.

We have over 200 accountants nationwide covering a wide range of services in accountancy and tax services who are specialised in all industry sectors. So regardless of which industry your business is in, our accountants have the knowledge and expertise that is right for your business. They are also personally responsible to each and every one of their clients so ultimately they will take care of everything, allowing you to focus on running and developing your business.

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A track record for success

Due to our successful track record we deal with a large number of hardworking and ambitious business people who have appointed an AIMS accountant to work with them. Why? Because they know that their AIMS accountant will not only deal with their tax and accounting issues, but is a trusted business advisor and someone they can count on to do more than the number crunching.

We will focus on the numbers, while our clients focus on what’s important to them – running and developing their business.

You communicate in the way that works best for you

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"July 2018 – 184 SMEs like you appointed an AIMS accountant"


AIMS Accountants for Business and your data – how we protect it

Just in case you missed our previous message amongst the many updates on the new Data Protection regulations (GDPR), click here for detailed information on how AIMS Accountants collect, use and protect data. It also gives information about the legal bases upon which they utilise it and your rights in connection with it.